Things you can do only in Obama.

Suggestions about the tour covering the sea, mountains and culture of Obama.

The road connecting Kyoto and Obama is called Mackerel Road. Experience the way the people fermented and preserved mackerel in ancient times. You can also take part in today's mackerel aquaculture.

Tour of Mackerel aquaculture and fermentation

Play with the geisha of Obama at Obama Nishigumi where historical streets remain.

Play with the geisha of Obama

Myotsuji is the only national treasure in Fukui prefecture  It is known for its three-level pagoda. Tour more than 130 temples in Obama.

Tour temples and shrines

Obama has two museums ; a food culture museum where you can cook and make crafts, and a historical museum presenting culture and history.

Visit museums

This is a superb viewing spot attracting worldwide attention. A 50-minute cruise takes you to see the dynamic landscape created by waves in the Sea of Japan.

Sotomo cruise

See the many sides of Obama by rental bike or car.

 Rental bike and rental car stores

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