During your stay, you can experience the way of life in Obama, a port town in which Kyoto cuisine was cultivated.

Obama has served as a gateway to the Asian continent for 1500 years. It has become a cultural capital, with over 130 temples.


People call Obama  "Miketsukuni" because it provides seafood products to the Imperial Family and the Imperial Court, and contributes to the development of Kyoto and Nara's food culture.


In addition, Kyoto's influence can be seen in the architecture of the port town  of Obama, especially in some inns.


Starting from OBAMA MACHIYA STAY, enjoy the historical street views and beautiful scenery of Wakasa Bay, and the taste of the bounty of the sea, at a relaxed pace.

Our vision

Broaden the tools for friendship


Preserve history by introducing guests to Obama's culture

Spotlight Obama's local heroes

Taste fresh, rich and delicious food intended for the imperial family

Be refreshed by the bountiful nature

Form bonds with other guests from around the world


Activity / Tour